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Accomplished Construction Law Attorneys Serving Businesses Throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia

Dedicated to meeting the complex needs of construction professionals

When it comes to construction law, businesses and contractors need to consult attorneys who know the industry and the unique legal requirements involved in it. The experienced, BV-rated construction lawyers at the Rathbun Law Firm, P.C. have served clients in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.  for more than 22 years. We are skilled litigators who offer complete solutions to a wide range of legal challenges, providing strong recommendations that you can use to protect the best interests of you and your business. To work with an attorney you can trust, call on our respected and efficient team of lawyers.

Covering all areas of Virginia, Maryland and D.C. construction law

Construction law is a unique legal area, especially when it comes to projects with numerous contractors and subcontractors involved. Our team assists with the following types of issues:

  • Architectural and engineering errors: When design defects and engineering mistakes impact a project, it might be necessary to take legal action to seek damages for the issues these errors cause.
  • Collections and payment disputes: Contractors and construction firms need to be paid for their work, and it takes one of our skilled attorneys to help collect the money owed to you. We also assist with disagreements related to how much is owed under a contract.
  • Contract disputes: Disagreements may arise when a property owner and contractor sign a contract. These matters are often related to construction delays, acceleration and mechanics’ liens, among others.
  • Insurance coverage: Due to the high risks involved in the construction process, it’s important to secure good builder’s insurance as projects are being completed. We help you find the right insurance policy and deliver sound representation if you need to file a claim.
  • Material suppliers’ rights: If you are providing supplies to a construction project, you need to ensure you’ll receive the payment you deserve. This can become complicated, especially if you are contributing to a government-funded project.
  • Mechanics’ liens: These liens help the professionals working on a construction project to ensure they will receive payment for their products and services. It essentially places a hold on the property, and if the owner fails to provide payment, we can take the claim to court for a resolution.

When your business is dealing with these tough issues, make sure you work with a knowledgeable and assertive construction lawyer at our firm.

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For the sound legal guidance you need when dealing with tough construction law issues, turn to the respected lawyers at the Rathbun Law Firm, P.C. Based in Fairfax, we serve individuals and businesses throughout Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. To get started, call 703.383.9580 or contact us online today.